F l y   T y i n g

This picture shows a part of the eye of a peacock feather,

a Peacock Butterfly.


F l i e g e n b i n d e n
 Robert Kühne

Once upon a time - in 1987 - I started tying flies with Robert. Our group meets about 6 times during the winter months. I record Robert's instructions, so we don't get lost tying a special fly later at home. Click the button below if you want to look at the instructions or even tie a fly yourself.

D o k u m e n t a t i o n

 Ich habe eine Zusammenstellung der Bindeanleitungen seit etwa 2015 erstellt. Die meisten Anleitungen sind von Hand geschrieben und mit Skizzen und Fotos illustriert. Die Dokumentation umfasst 99 A4 Seiten, ist mit Spiralbindung zum bequemen Blättern versehen und enthält ein Inhaltsverzeichnis. 

Beispiele: Zusammenstellung der Baitfish Anleitungen

Anfang der Dokumentation mit Inhaltsverzeichnis

Kosten: 35 Euro plus Porto. Bezahlung via IBAN oder TWINT.  

Dry_Rehhaar Sedge Egg_2103A2.jpeg

The Sedge ... one of our favourit flies 

Look at the tying instructions on YouTube!


Parachutes in many variations ...

The CDC Parachute

Look at the tying instructions on YouTube!


2021 realy is a very special year. It's not just the year of Aquarius, the buffalo and the oxen but also the year of the Freshwater Shrimp. Get more information about this waterquality indicator on Pro Natura 


How to catch a fish with a network cable?


The FVSG Nymphs

The FVSG is the association of the fishermen and -women of Saint Gall in Switzerland. I am a member since April 2021. I tied these nymphs in the colors of the coat of arms of Saint Gall. To every member of the FVSG or Robert's fly tying group I meet at our waters the first time, I will give such a nymph as a present.  


To catch a huge fish, we often use

Litte Bait Fish_A.jpeg

Bait Fishes ... Very special Streamers!

The "Little Bait Fish"

Look at the tying instructions on YouTube!

Summary of all the Bait Fishes we tied since 2017 (pdf in German)


Jigs, Rigs and Spirolinos

to catch a Pikeperch, a Pike or a uge Trout

Robert gave me many tying advices.